A Little Bridge ESCAPE

Ever since I started working, February was never an easy month… January to April is never easy months since those bearing the CPA letters are usually tied up with tax filing deadline in April… and me currently tied up with catching our SGX deadline… so out of my anti-social shell.. I’ve been craving for an ESCAPE…
So it took a long drive to Taal, Batangas having picked to FAA babies Ruth and Cathy to visit FAA’s Little Bridge… the place is now a lot better from the last time I was there… the hotel was complete and the facilities were nice and upscale already… the beach side still had a nice provincial look, which is the serene atmosphere we crave at summer time… the trees providing a decent shade to the warm weather and provides a windy feel…
FAA was a very hospitable host… his wife also was there to share some of her thoughts on the resort… we had a nice swim at the pool… food was McDonalds takeout we had at Lemery plus all the chips we have stuck in the trunk of the car… The trip was long and having to deal with traffic as we entered Lemery… on the way back, we drop by at Josephine’s in Tagaytay for a heavy snack…
A great escape was over… and I’m all exhausted after this trip… but all the exhaustion was well worth it… since it’s such a de-stress activity… and then the de-exhaust activity.. sleep…. ZZZZZZZZZZZz…..
Excess Inkblogs: At Josephine’s, had a call from She trom Cayman informing me that her account was hacked by the hacker using my hacked YM account… The hacker uses a Phizing geocities site where you have to enter your username and password in a photos link… So sad to hear that her account got hacked… I know how to she feels losing an account… Friends, if franckxethee@yahoo.com messages you, I don’t need a prepaid load, I am using a postpaid line (add to the fact that I’m too proud to ask for help)… and that my photos are at multiply so don’t trust any links… =>

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