A Charmed Day

I know that Charm, my inaanak from Arnold, was born this month even if her party in the Philippines was held last month… so was finally able to catch Arnold online to check on Charm’s birthday and to my surprise…. today is a Charmed Day… Charm’s Birthday!!!

Happy birthday Charm!!! A full year in the world and though I have seen you only twice since you were born, I still see how pretty you are now… and I know you’re gonna be smart and witty in a few more months… You’re one of my international inaanak, with you being based in Indonesia, Yna based in Hong Kong and Jarren based in Singapore (Hmmm… Rondz, can you make one for me in Australia??? hehe…)… Anyway, you’re dad told me he’s gonna hold a party for you tomorrow… and I hope you enjoy your hello kitty themed party chinese version tomorrow in time for the Chinese New year…

The next time I see you, I know you’ll not only be a pretty baby but a talkative one as well… I’d wait for the day that you’ll be telling me all those tales you had with your mom and dad in Indonesia… I know you still won’t be able to read my blogs… but I’m sure you’re dad would make sure to let you know that I left my busy life for a moment to write something about you… => See you around Charm!!!


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