Franc on DSL

I finally had my PLDT phone and DSL installed yesterday… though I haven’t used the phone to make or receive a call… a phone is not as useful these days… even at work, I’m maximizing my dsl at home with a queue of downloads…

Anyway, I’m still hiding in my anti-social shell… Things have not been fine and certain… or at least, I’m just stuck in a wall trying to peak at months to come… Months when I’ll finally be out of my shell victorious of all the dilemma and problems at hand…

I’m still trying to be the usual reliable Franc I am… but I guess this time, there’ll be less of an effort being always around… yet no worries as there are decisions to be made and steps to take… once I’m certain, I would be back… and for the mean time, back to the battles of everyday life…


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