Monday Blogging

It’s the start of the week again and looks like it hasn’t started right… For some unknown reason, I wasn’t able to get a good night sleep… and this is not the way I wanted to start a tough week at work… Maybe I should just go home and take a rest just like all normal people do when they are not feeling well… but the adrenalin should kick in some time soon and with the help of coffee… I might be able to revive my tired and sleepy state…

That’s what I dislike being at the helm of things… you don’t get to enjoy the simple benefits of a day off on times like this… Responsible as I am, there’s always a part of me that remains hesitant to be always the one leading the stand… It’s just that I’ve assumed so much responsibility so soon… yet somehow, a big part of me has failure as its greatest fear, thus always do as much as I can to make things work…

This does remind me of Rodimus Prime of the Transformers… He inherited the matrix of leadership from Optimus Prime yet there’s still a part of him that’s youthful and carefree… but despite his hesitation to leadership, he somehow manage to do what he has to do… That makes him now my favorite Transformers… Optimus Prime and Bumblebee should be next on my list… I did watch Transformers reruns a few weeks ago just in case you’re wondering where that wave of thought came from…

Anyway, the topic has shifted drastically but anyhow, I did try to salvage a false start with a nice cup of coffee with my stress ball… so much for the hesitation, it’s time for some action…. =>


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