Some Parties Never End

It’s Jan’s Bday Salubong… and it was a real long salubong and birthday at the same time…

Venue was Good Earth (Bring’s back memories to all those grad school days)… call time was 8 pm (for strict compliance per Mr. Viray… hehe)… Of course, the ocassion was Jan’s Bday… and the participants were the Ateneo Gang ( Me, Jan, Blue, Tina, Hencel, Gryf, MJ, Anton, Rocky, Ronan, Steve, Lisa, Mascy, Grace, Poch, Jay, Eunice, Stephen, Owen, Lindsay, Bogz and Cig via phone patch)…

Like Jan said, Long Time, No Nothing… and finally there’s something to celebrate and take us all away from our busy lives (for me, busy pathetic life… =<) and meet up again… but it's good to come out of my anti-social shell and celebrate and meet friends anew… Since there's been nothing going as of late… this party seemed never to end… after staying in Good Earth in Makati 'til about 1 am… We (Mascy, Anton, Rocky, Jan, Bogz and Me) shifted to Nommu in QC (It's not really that far at past 1 am) to meet up with Diane for more drinks and partying… and finally a party that seemed to never end finally ended… at past 3 am…

I think the next party would be mine… less than two months from now…


Excess inkblogs: As in my previous blog, the tide is turning… I did get my second free coffee from Starbucks in a span of three days via randomly selected online survey participant… but after long thought, it wasn’t really that the tide was turning but it was more of a reminder that there are still some minor blessings that come my way and believe that everything will end up right after all the sweat and effort… =>

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