Is It Worth It???

Just as I made headway in sorting out a funding problem… not really my cup of tea but I’ve assimilated much information as of late… several new problems have surfaced again… I just feel that I’m in the end point of a manufacturing line and the product I receive from the previous lines are problems…

It really sucks big time and I’m caught with the thought, “Is it worth it?” Every time, you take on a risk position, it is always best to know the level of comfort and what the alternatives are… I don’t want to come to a point in time that I would over exhaust my luck… my skills and my patience… GRRRRR…. An arduous task at keeping my composure…

Ok I guess, I have already vented out a lot… I’ll probably go back to the idea that though life sometimes sucks (a lot of things haven’t gone my way lately)… I’m doing fine… or at least, I’d like to think of it that way…

Excess Inkblogs: GRRRR…. It’s past 7 pm now and I’m still cramming for my presentation for tomorrow’s plant visit… sigh… sigh… sigh… so much to do so little time… I should consider more manpower soon but for now, all I can say is, “patience my dear Franc…” All will be well in due time…


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