Another Early Monday Morning Blog

It’s early Monday morning again and I’m fighting a bout of sleepiness… so might as well blog a bit… before facing the roadblocks ahead (more of a mountain block… hehe)…

Had a nice restful weekend with my ongoing charmed series marathon… went to Ateneo to claim my alumni ID last Saturday (need to go back since the one releasing is only around at morning)… missed shooters night at Cig’s again (was available too late)… went to divisoria yesterday (nice to shop for some stuff)…

Just caught with the thought that over the past few years… I felt the need to allot so much time on rest, relaxation and de-stress activity… It seems that it has been my way of managing stress… for one, I don’t shout at the top of my voice when I’m stressed… I try to not get angry… I don’t want to whine a lot with friends (ok sometimes, Jing is a great stress ball)… I just don’t want anybody to feel obligated at being there through those tough times… I guess, that’s probably what’s wrong with me… I’m a little bit too independent… but then again, that’s who I am so just have to find ways and means to vent out a bit…

I have to go back to the myriad of problems I get to go through each and everyday… Spice is definitely a recipe I get by day by day… but I’d rather live my life this way… always alert on challenges to come… I always learn a thing or two this way… =>

Excess Inkblogs: Remember the Spiderman quote, “With great power comes great responsibility…” Just seemed connected to my case above but I’m not one to be obsessed by power or position of authority… It’s just that I made such great leaps that I had much
headway in my life… Come to think of it… I don’t think people in power have held on to this adage… if they have then this country would have taken off real fast…

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