More of Myself…

It’s been an aloof version of me that welcomed the new year… I felt the holiday was so short and I was left wanting more… so it was a different me…

On the second week of the year, I’m slowly being more of myself… passionate about life’s everyday challenge… regaining focus on things to be done… and finding ways and means to remain motivated on crossing tougher times… and just about ready to be the self less person wanting to save the world (ok… that’s already too much hero stuff)….

Tougher times… yes it’s about to begin… and I dare say that things have gotten a lot tougher this year at work… but I guess, it’s part of the complications I’d love to hurdle at this time of year… I just make it a point to explore a new phase of responsibilities or skills as each year passes…

Anyway, it’ll be a more focus me getting set for tougher times… and in terms of visibility to friends… I won’t be high and active but after all the busyness (is there such a word?) is gone… it’ll be another fun-filled ride… but then again, there’s always my birthday to look forward to a full two months from now… and probably a few get together along the way… =>


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