Forever Charmed

After the holidays comes another celebration… Charm, my inaanak, celebrated her first ever birthday at North Greenhills Clubhouse last Saturday. And it was my first time to see Charm again after seeing her when she was just a few months old… Charm has done a lot of growing up and she’s definitely a big baby girl…. and not to mention a very pretty baby…

It’s a reunion of sorts meeting my SLU friends Ges, Allan and Hermie, SGV and AGSB Pal Chelsea, Balik-SGV HR Kuya Nonoy and my former Seniors in FAA Group, Tina and Vic (who’s also with their daughter Sam) and of course Arnold and her Mom… the Hello Kitty inspired party took off around 2:30 pm with so many kids which featured various games and programs and the magician Wanlu… cool tricks with all the puppetry…. incidentally, I also became one of the puppets and having to wear a cape with a Winnie the pooh in front… hehe… It was a funny skit… Allan and Kuya Nonoy did have their YMCA Number after losing in one of the games…

Food was great… with Hotdog, Snow Cone, Ice Cream and Potato Corner booths for snacks… then of course, there’s still the main dish after all the games… then there’s still the cakes and cupcakes… the party lasted until 6 pm… and btw, the blog is titled ‘forever charmed’, since being one of Charm’s Godparents, I’ll be around her life for quite some time… and she’ll always be a lucky charm to people around her… it was journey back home at the end of the party… Happy Birthday Charm!!!


excess inkblogs: Or so I thought it was my way home… as I decided to drop by Rockwell for their sale… and surprise surprise… I get to bump into AGSB Eunice… lovely and sweet Eunice… who’s also around the place to shop… then a while later, I get to bump into my cousin Manong Arman and Manang Marbs, who’s going to meet our cousin Max a little bit later… small world huh!!! then my sister followed in Rockwell… We didn’t join the dinner with our cousin Max, due to a very jologs reason of my sister… It was PBB big night… hehe…. so now, I can call it a day…


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