Holiday Hangover!!!

I’m not sure if I’m still in holiday hangover mode or just tired from all the driving yesterday from Baguio to Manila but rest assured I’ll start the year right… The holiday seemed so short considering that I have to drive the distance by day instead of taking the night bus… for safety purposes…

The holiday was spent at a spur-of-the-moment swim to Asin hot spring, which is about 19 kilometers from Baguio… The road to Asin was now much better compared before but on a joker’s perspective it should take you three days and two nights going there… the two nights being that you have to pass by two tunnels… The difference of Asin from any resort is that you see yourself surrounded by different mountains… The water was cold as usual and the place has really improved from the last time we went there… with all the slides… the warm jacuzzi… the gazebo… and all the new pools… We went back to Baguio early in the afternoon to prepare for the new year celebration…

After a few hours rest, we drove to Session Road and Harrison Road to buy cakes and fountains… we were not able to buy fountains since they moved the shops to another area… then came the mass and it was a few hours wait until new year… too bad we were so few this time since my cousins were in the other house… At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks
started and it was midnight… Decided to sleep at past 1 am since I’m still driving the next day…

The next day, it was our trip back… total driving time is 5 and half hours excluding stopovers and it was time to rest after a short holiday and a long drive… I’ll probably just take the bus the next time… More time at home and less hassle driving but then again… the thrill of a long road trip has its own merits…

Back to starting the year right… so better get back to the task I have to accomplish…

Asin Pics


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