The Year of The Franc… Again???

A full year ago, I wrote a blog on how much things went around during the year on aspects of my life… Here’s the sequel of my blog written a full 365 days later… and btw, this is blog no. 200…

2006 was a time of much achievements that it was a banner year… which at times is followed by a decline the next year… but I guess that is not the case this year… I got promoted yet again mid of the year and even assumed additional responsibilities towards the end of the year… I was able to manage to have my car financed by the Company and I still continued in my jetsetting ways with several travels to Cambodia, Taiwan and Singapore… it could have been more but my appetite for travel went down towards the end of the year…

2007 was also year spent with so many escapades with friends… from house parties… to shooters night… to sleepovers in Tagaytay… to Gala sa Galera… Nommu… Cig’s… Good Earth… FAA’s Little Bridge and the get together along the way… There’s so much moments to treasure…

It was also a year of the family with several relatives from abroad coming over here… Tagaytay Tours… Villa Escudero… 100 Islands… La Union Get Away… Baraoas and of course, all the regular family functions…

Then again, it’s not always on the upside with several impasse towards the end of the year but I guess, it’s always a part of any story… In fact, I just realized lately that I’m drawn to complicated people and take on complicated situations… It keeps me challenged and focused… I’ll get pass this uncertainties… I always do…

On the overall, 2007 is as much good of a year than 2006 and looking forward to 2008… I think things should stay afloat and fine… HOPE is something which can never be taken away from me… I expect to pursue other things I’m passionate about… and for challenges and surprises yet to come… just bring it on… =>

Happy New Year to all!!!


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