Sick!!! Sick!!! Sick!!! Again!!! =<

I haven’t been real healthy this month with the changes in the weather in Manila and the drastic shift in climate in Manila and Baguio… not to mention all the parties and stress that came between. Starting yesterday, I’m still having a bout with tonsilitis, cough and colds. It was a real struggle surviving the whole day yesterday at work not feeling well.

Got home early after 5 pm at work and directly went to sleep for a much needed sleep. The last time I went home this early was during the Peninsula standoff last month when we were sent home early since we were so near the crossfire and I can’t remember anytime before that of any I went home this early. I usually spend time at the gym or meet up with some friends.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad dream or was it a silhouette of a ghost… maybe I just had a wild imagination at this sick mode I am in… so just decided to switch on the light at the farther end of my room so it won’t be that dark to see any silhouette… Went back to sleep a few moments after…

Now, I’m still not feeling well and will probably get worst come another climate shift when I get back to Baguio… Anyway, since I did promise Carol that I’ll be attending her wedding today so I just have to be healthy for a while for the ceremonies… A promise is a promise…

Come to think of it, it would appear that I’m ending the year on how it started at sick bay but this time if I still feel sick at the start of the year. I might just take some time off… I wish to be healthier next year but I’m reserving my new year’s wishes for another blog. For the mean time, need to prepare for the Carol’s wedding today… Ciao!!!


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