My Tubby’s Wedding

Today is Carol’s wedding… We fondly call each other Tubby… a cuter version of t_ _ a… hehe… Carol has been one of my staff in SGV and has been one of my closest friends from SGV… with Carol being the main advocate of Franc and ______ fans club… hehe… Even after SGV, we managed to keep in touch and meet up from time to time and fast forward to today, I get to be a witness her march towards the altar on her matrimony…
The wedding was set at 3:30 pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in New Manila Area… Carol made sure I won’t miss the day by assigning me to be cord bearer… When it comes to events like this, the fun start with me finding the venue… I’m not really an excellent navigator… so was able to find the church after entering a one way street and making a wrong turn… I always have the propensity of getting lost but good thing even if it was traffic in Greenhills area, I was able to reach the venue at 3 pm…
Mt. Carmel was such a big church… and it was a long march for the bride, the groom and the whole entourage… the ceremonies went on fine… the only funny spot was the ring bearer’s running around the place… hehe… and yeah, I remember that I was the only participant from the FAA/MCM/CPA cluster… but Carol has been there through so many bright and bleak spot in the past few years… so it was still an honor to be part of this event….
Carol is a really pretty bride today (Tubby… savor the compliment… =>)… and Jason was a nervous groom… the reception followed at nearby Oasis where the celebration continued… I nearly got to be the one who got the garter since the game was based on how long you hold the hula hoop… It was a good thing I my legs was apart so the fall of the hula hoop was a bit delayed (cheating… hehe)…

A few more merriment after, it was time to call it a night for all of us except of course, for the bride and groom, who should just be starting by now… For me, it was my mad dash home, reaching Makati in less than 30 minutes… and then the much needed rest for my first long drive to Baguio…

Final note: Congrats to Carol and Jason!!!



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