Return of the Quiroz

Christmas Holidays is always a season where some people working out of the country come back to enjoy their vacation with family and friends… and that’s the case for our good friend from SGV Mads Quiroz…

Met up with Mads, Mark & Mina at Bubba Gump in GB3 last night. It was our first time to see Mads again after a few months in staying in St. Maartens… and time may have passed by… yet somethings never change… like Mads and her Kuripot ways… hehe… Probably got the stingy bug from Jay Anne… hehe…

Anyway, it was a nice dinner with so much to catch up really… since Mads is not as easy to catch online as of late due to time zone and so much stuff… It was also a rare time to meet with Mark… Of course, we do trash each others transformers in facebook and compete intensely in hoops regularly… It was also nice meeting Mark’s girlfriend, Mina for the first time.

Had coffee at Cafe Breton after dinner and it was the time that we called She and Jay Anne who’s both now in the US to greet for the holidays… She is on holiday in the US and Jay Anne is her tour guide… I wish that when I’d be on holiday in the US, Jay Anne won’t be busy with work… but that is still something I haven’t considered in a while.

Had a long night and ended up staying in Cafe Breton until midnight and after that we had to bring Madz to her home in Paranaque… then dropped Mark and Mina at Stock Exchange in Makati and I’m off to home and sleep… ZZZZZZ!!!!

Excess Inkblogs: I’m feeling a bit sick today… inflamed tonsils, sleep deprived and having a tough bout with colds but I guess there are some trade offs in spending the late night with friends… and of course, it was partly caused by the ever changing weather.



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