Then Came Christmas

I haven’t been online for most of the time during the Christmas break even if I had the comfort of broadband internet at our house in Baguio. I was stuck on holiday mode and with all the activities in the Yuletide season. The past few days was not only spent for parties but a big chunk of the time goes to reminisce the various phases of my so called life with family and friends meeting up for the holidays.

It was a welcome surprise bumping into Min and her cute daughter Hannah. The last time I saw them was when Hannah was still a few months old. Now she’s a cute and bubbly 3 year old kid. Then there’s the constant get-together for those who came home for the holiday and some who’ll still be coming before the year ends.

In preparation for the big feast that goes along with Christmas, my cousin and I hit the gym. Then there was also shopping and joy ride around Baguio… and then came the party- dinner, gift giving and lots of alcohol. I do miss the old singing and dancing that we had when we were kids even if we never really had the talent to compete. I sure wish one day that my nieces and nephews would also enjoy the same contest even just for the fun of it and not the prices but I guess, kids now are more in touch with the techie side of life

Now, I’m on my holiday hangover. I’m at work but can’t seem to surmount the mere three-day work schedule this week before holiday resumes but that’s probably how the cookie crumbles or so they say. So goes my countdown… 56 hours before holiday resumes… hehe…


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