Driver for a Day

It started with a miss call before 5 am then my sister went in my pad saying that we have to pick up my aunt and cousins at the bus station since they had a car accident in NLEX. Still half asleep, I said OK… then it suddenly sunk in… If we’re going to pick them up why am I still dozing back to sleep… than another after thought…. what they had an accident!!! delayed reaction yet again…

After a few preparation, we were on our way to the terminal to pick up my aunt and cousin and then breakfast at Paranaque Estepa Residence. It was rather a big accident with the van they rented bumping into a delivery track and the good part of it was they were all safe… then came another realization, if they don’t have the van then how would they pick up my cousin from the airport… then the answer was ‘elementary my dear friend…’ One less car means me and my car have to do all those stuff… OK… so just sent notice to the office that I won’t be around for the day and that I’ll be driver for the day.

My Aunt didn’t want to mention the incident in the morning to my cousin but it was so obvious that there was something odd that day. Why would we cram ourself in my Honda City when my cousin asked for a van? So he asked me what happened on the queue in duty free and since I’m not a convincing liar, I ended up just saying the truth… at least, he’ll still be comfortable since they are all fine after the incident. Except that he had to miss the space capacity of a van but it’ll do for a while.

So goes my day that have traversed from waking early…. then to the terminal… to Paranaque… to NAIA… to Duty Free… to Mall of Asia… to Makati Apartment… to Seaside… to Mall of Asia yet again… to the terminal and finally Home… A long day is best rewarded by a nice sleep… which was partly deprived yet again with my sister barging in my pad at past 1 am looking for food… then finally, it was back to sleep…

I finally spent a full work day away from the office though this wasn’t the circumstance I was expecting… but being driver for a day was a better trade off for absorbing additional headaches for the day… hehe… =>

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