Office Alone

I’m just in the middle of my office alone day… One of my manager is sick and the other one is on leave… I should be ok since I’m more of a hands on person so things should go well…

So started thinking what to do first… the next in line of Jing’s to do is… the long overdue management letter… This would be tougher than I thought… = < This has dragged on for so long so might as well do it…

In the middle of what I was doing, the CEO called me for a meeting regarding the impact of foreign exchange in our operation… Ok, I had prepared a material for that during the recent board meeting… After the CEO explained his say on the impact and being grilled for my analysis, I then presented that it would be easier to look at it on a cash flow analysis and shortly thereafter, he agreed to my analysis…

Suddenly remembered that we need to have an announcement posted in Singapore by noon so had to get the CEO to sign off… and another tasked accomplished… Finished the ML part of the job… and took the first chance I have to bring up the salary adjustment for those affected by the recent finance, treasury and accounting restructuring… He told me to check on him next week… I hope he gets to approve it… I feel happy that I’ve finally brought forward this proposal since it would uplift so many people… A good deed…

A half day towards my office alone day… so much has transpired and accomplished… I still have one short meeting to attend to… Finance matters to resolve… and in a few more hours, have dinner with SGV friends, Sharon and Macoy!!!

The only downside of the day is that I miss my breakfast and lunch buddy Jing since she’s down with a flu… Get well soon!!! Just get all the rest you need. Hope you’ll be around for Tagaytay with Rondz on Sunday… =>

Excess inkblogs: The dinner with Sharon and Macoy was a life saver, had I not have a previous commitment, I would have been obliged to join in the meetings in Bataan… In this festive mood, I don’t want to work on weekends… =>


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