Another Bits and Pieces…

To free up my thoughts… decided to blog a bit today…

– o –

The drama I get to witness day to day have turned from annoying to amusing… though I still wish for a more serene environment… I plan to cut down on stress and just look forward to the holidays… We all do….

– o –

I just don’t know if I’m starting to get the hang of my mom’s spending spree charged to my credit card or I’m just too royally screwed up by all the hullabaloos happening around me… I’ll just say that I’m just feeling a bit more generous this holiday season… but on a mental note… I want to start to save more in the future… Please let me save a bit… the future is uncertain…

– o –

Finally got to apply for my Ateneo Graduate School of Business alumni card yesterday… also had a stress relieving coffee with AGSB friend Grace at Rockwell… I miss Rockwell and School… At least, even after graduate school, I still get to hang out with my AGSB friends often… Para sa Tagumpay… hehe…

– o –

A dilemma at hand… If the waters are rough and the waves are turbulent… Should you start swimming to the shore or allow yourself to drift apart to something uncertain??? What to do??? Dunno how to swim… hehe… but in time I’ll learn to swim away from the turbulent waters…

– o –

I really liked Lenne’s blog on how things are so much harder now than years ago… I share the same sentiments that life was a lot more easier back then (traced from our parents and grandparents generations)… They live simply and still manage to acquire properties and send so much kids to school… While we try to bear more these days… traffic, higher cost of living, skyrocketing price for properties and a lot of political nonsense… so then again even at the most difficult times, there’s still life’s gifts that are free and it’s up to us to appreciate…

– o –

Just want to add some greetings here… Of course, It was Sharon and Jay Anne’s Birthday last Monday… so just want to wish them the best!!!

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