Rondz is Back!!!

The day started odd with me waking up real early and unable to will myself to sleep so with a lack of sleep I was Cranky Franckee early in the morning… until… as things has been in the office, a new surprise happened yet again… Too much drama, that’s all I can say…
After office, Jing and I went to Glorieta to buy my gift for the Christmas Party with AGSB friends… so had a short snack… and we were off to the Gym in Makati… suddenly, a better idea popped up… since we were meeting Rondz and he was in Serendra… why workout in FF Fort… so off we were to Fort… then being a bit late, we decided to just eat (calamares) and drink (Tsingtao beer) at Zong while waiting for Rondz…
A little bit later… we met a bit trimmer version of Rondz after over a year in Australia… obviously, looking refreshed from his vacation here… So we shifted to Cafe Puccini to catch up and then ECP followed (talagang ECP tawag, di Eric, partnerabe… hehe)… so more catch up then followed… Stayed until past midnight before we went home…
After dropping Rondz and ECP in front of SGV, and Jing at her house in Fairview, I was then back home in Makati… and now for that sleep I have to catch up… hehe… Ooops… I just remembered that I’ll be off to Tagaytay for the Christmas Party with AGSB… so I’ll just have to catch up in the nice cool confines of Tagaytay… Got to go!!!!

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