Tough Times… Over!!! =>

I can now safely say that I survived another board meeting… and things did go during the actual board meeting… I wasn’t grilled much with the financials… but I owe that to my new found strategy of limiting my answers… less talk means less mistake…

It could have been smooth from the start but I lost one key manager to a better opportunity abroad and had to I also had to assume some finance and treasury functions lately… This transition had made things a lot tougher… revisiting almost everything during turnover of the balance sheet to Jing… but on a good side, I was finally able to have a decent review of the balance sheet since I’ve been more focused in reviewing the income statement as of late.

It’s been a really heavy transition but I’m sure glad that Jing, is more of a friend to me than a colleague so it made all those overtime a bit more fun… Thanks Jingy Bear!!! Let’s go to Kopi Rotti again… hehe… We’ll be spending more fun times soon with Rondzter back from Australia for a few weeks… Rondz, let’s go to Baguio na!!! hehe…

I know it’s gonna be the peak of the busy season soon… but the important thing is that soon is not today yet so might as well have fun… => Friends, I’m back to my carefree and relax mode… See you around during the next few days… =>


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