A Grand Nommu Welcome

It’s Nommu’s Opening week and last night was our chance to feel and witness the Nommu experience… It’s really a nice place with a cozy ambiance. great Japanese food at a very reasonable price… and located conveniently at Tomas Morato…

Aside from the usual time out with Ateneo friends (Mascy, Diane, Grace, Blue, MJ, Gryf, Rocky Cig and Eunice), we were also treated to a good meal and drinks, nice music and a very cozy atmosphere. The opening attracted quite a large following and I’m sure, It’s gonna be a great place to be for quite a long time… Congrats Mascy and Diane!!!

A real long and fun night with friends… and even if it was a weekday and we’d all be working the next day, we still stayed up late to be part of the opening… We (Grace, Blue, MJ and Me) left before midnight to call it a day… As for Nommu… it’s still up until 3 am… but as for me… It’s back to sleeping time as I reached home… =>


excess inkblogs: an afterthought… you can bundle an activity this way… a massage treatment at skinline (Grace)… then dinner at Nommu (Mascy and Diane) and then drinks at Cig’s (Cig)… hehe… so after drinking… it’s good to have coffee… (Hmm… nice business…) Grace and I brainstormed this idea since we’re such coffeeholics… This morning suddenly thought of a nice name Le Francois but that’s as far as this idea has to go as of now… =>


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