Traces of Evil Franc

I was caught in a dilemma this morning on whether to go to work or not… I haven’t really been at the best of health lately and I’m starting to feel frustrated that they haven’t even come up with the idea of hiring someone to handle or even assist in the finance part of the additional responsibility given to me… Simple formula: indecisiveness leads to more work for me and my team…

How are things gonna be when the audit season kicks in??? I don’t even want to think about it… All I know is that I agreed to work with one man down and not two when all the changes started to come… I felt if I took some time off then that could give me some time to cool off and rest… then reality sets in… the board meeting is just a week away and we’re still ages apart in complying with all the presentations… I still have to schedule several bank meetings and who’d sign all the needed bank documents… So much for the little devil in me telling me not to work for the day…

There’s still several ways at addressing this concern… but apart from a new structure at work… I think I probably need more time with friends to de-stress faster than I absorb stress… hehe… At least, I’ll have opening of Nommu to look forward to later… =>

excess inkblogs: I feel a lot better now after this blog… I still want to believe that there’s no such thing as a perfect job… There’ll always be things that won’t go your way… so the challenge lies on learning how to deal with it…


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