Yesterday, Jing and I had to play catch up on items and analysis we needed to finish at work. As I’m stuck doing finance and treasury work at weekdays, I just get the chance to do my regular accounting stuff during extra hours (how pathetic..=<) … Anyway, I decided to play the Christmas albums of Christian Bautista and Jed Madela back to back and somehow behind their cool voices… I suddenly realized that it'll be Christmas real soon…

Finally, something to look forward to… I do not want to editorialize my thoughts and go on with the usual reason for the season, time of giving stuff… All I know is taht it’s a time to step back, relax and celebrate with friends and family… Of course, at this time and age, I’ve been used to receiving no gifts at home… Thanks in part to a tradition they made when we were still kids… Once you start working, no more gifts… and its your turn to give gifts…

Then there’s the economic part of it… It’ll be another spending spree but I guess it should be worth its while once people get to smile at the gift giving frenzy… too bad that as of late, I have been low on cash (hope to save soon)… At least, when I give out gifts, it’ll be more sincere since its hard earned cash…

The sudden thought of Christmas reminded me of one important thing… there’s always something good to look forward to.. no matter how tough things are… Hey, I’m still residing in a country that parties all out and still know the value of a good laugh even at tumultuous times… Though there’s still a lot of rough roads along the way but at least I can have one positive thought to go by along the way… that Christmas is just around the corner… =>


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