A Welcome Break…

In an Impulse, I saw myself joining SGV friend Jo-C and her officemates to have an ocular of FAA’s resort Little Bridges Resort yesterday after office hours. Of course, the longer side of the story is that I was unhappy with a recent change in plans which would give me increased responsibilities at the office… and I felt I wanted a breather.

I was suppose to go to FAA’s resort in a few weeks with other FAA babies but since I have Saturday free, it was a good chance to scout the place as well as learn the directions going there. We left before 10 pm in Makati and after a few hours we’ve reached the resort and 2 Cabanas were reserved for us by FAA, which was really spacious having a beach front and 2 pools. It has a hotel, cabanas and apartment type units for accomodations. It has activity and pavillion area and there’l be more improvements once it’s completed by next month or early January. I had requested for comfortable duyans since it would be so ideal to have duyans in such a serene and relaxing atmosphere. I even joked FAA to name the hotel rooms from his former audit assistants, Franc Room, Sharon Room, She Room, Dodoy Room… hehe… =>
Anyway, since it was more of an ocular, we did not stay long to try out the swimming area though we did have a comfortable sleep in the cabanas. Since Jo-C was scouting for a place for her Titas birthday, we also had to check out other alternative. We then drove to Blue Coral in San Juan, Batangas. Along the way, something came up in work, they needed something in Subic but fortunately, I was able to resolve this immediately. It was a good thing, I had a full bar of battery for my celphone. => After a few more hours, we then reach Blue Coral.
So after a while in Blue Coral, we then had lunch at Lipa Grill… Yum Yum… and then we were back on our way home. We were able to reach home before 6 pm and it was then time to rest. It was a short visit and does not really qualify to be an outing but I guess, after being sick this week due to stress and knowing that things would remain tough at work, I just needed to do something relaxing (de-stress activity… hehe…) and this was a nice short break… Sometimes, a different environment is a welcome relief…
Anyway, I’ll be back soon in Little Bridge resort with other FAA babies but that is something I still have to sort out and organize…. =>

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