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I just don’t know if I hit a blogger’s wall or I was just plain busy the whole week… It just seemed that I ran out of ideas or was just too occupied to come out with one… It has really been a long week – adjusting to changes… plant tour last Wednesday… meetings… signing documents… finalizing reports… hey wait… all of those things pertain to work… good thing, I still am free after 6 pm…

Luckily, I’m fresh from a four-day long weekend vacation… and tomorrow, it’s gonna be another weekend… rest finally… though I’m working just 8 to 9 hours a day, I still have to go on with so much solution crunching each minute… not to mention, signing all those bank documents… At least, I’ve already trained myself working under different roles and condition and in terms of exposure… I’ve been involved in audit, accounting, financial analysis, financial and management reporting, controllership, compliance, problem solving and I’ll be handling additional finance functions … Tough… but I’m sure this skills will come in handy in my career in the long run…

Okay, I’m speaking about career stuff but rest assured that I’m more of person than an employee or a even a superior… I spend more of my time doing so much things aside from work – family, friends, travel, gimmicks, blogging… and aiming for a balance life… I wouldn’t want to look back several years from now and regret on things I haven’t done… If there’s one thing I learned from seeing people at the sunset of their career still unhappy even if they have so much… it’s appreciating what you have now… Sometimes, thinking too much leaves you always wanting for more…

I’m glad I’m writing on more positive terms right now since for the past few weeks there’s so much uncertainties I have to deal with… but I guess everything takes time to be in its proper perspective… and it’s something I have on my side… I have a whole life ahead of me… and for the mean time… I’m glad I was able to cross the blogger’s wall and have something posted here now… =>


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