Bahay ni Le

After Alpha’s houseblessing last month… It’s now Grace (AKA Le) turn to host their own houseblessing in Bulacan… so this blog is a sequel of Bahay ni Lola blog last month… as it’s back to Bulacan for me in another Houseblessing… the last of this series should go as Bahay ni Franckee (but that should take some time as owning a house hasn’t even crossed my mind yet)…

Woke up late for this one after attending last night’s shooters night… Initially, I was undecided on going… but since Alpha would be coming from Manila… the burden of travelling to Bulacan would be easier at least, I have a passenger… So might as well go…

Picked Alpha up at Gbelt area… then Chelsea at Cubao area… and finally, Alpha’s Hubby Jon in Tabang Exit in Bulacan… I’m obviously more of a driver today than a guest… and also Grace phtographer, as always.. hehe… EDSA traffic was light… NLEX and Malolos was smooth… so arrived early in Malolos, Bulacan at Grace House in Northfields…

The mood was festive with Grace’s sisters having a grand time singing and dancing… Too bad our good friend Grace only has talents in evading to perform… hehe… so no performance from Grace… It was my second time here as I also joined Grace here last month after Alpha’s houseblessing… By the way, food was great…

So had to leave around 7 pm and we had to go to Alpha’s house in Bulacan before going back to Manila at around 830 pm… NLEX was smooth and EDSA was terrible… and after dropping Chelsea in Cubao… I took C5 instead… and traffic there was much better than EDSA… so after so much time driving… I’m finally home… blogging and getting ready to sleep… cause it’s gonna be another long day tomorrow…



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