On Days to Come…

There so many changes to deal with lately… and as days past by, there seems to be more and more developments… I’ll just let things be and once they are tired of all the changes… only then should I start dealing with it… Hiro, can you help me travel 2 to 3 months forward to see what’s in store… Nevertheless, I know I won’t be irrational or impulsive in taking the next few steps… Everything should fall into place in due time…

Anyway, a long weekend is upcoming and after complaining on an Empty October, this weekend should take up the most of my time… Meeting with banks at 4 pm at Podium later, Cocktails with another bank at 6 pm… Gym at FF Ortigas then Shooter’s night at Cig’s, probably at 10 pm… got tired just typing it…

Tomorrow, still thinking if I should attend Grace house blessing in Bulacan since I still have to get the outfit I’m gonna wear for MJ and Blue’s wedding on Sunday… But knowing how demanding a friend Grace is… I think I should find a way to cover both tomorrow… It’ll be Blue and MJ’s wedding on Sunday and it’ll be a big celebration…

Monday is still a holiday and as things are, this is the time, I get to relax a bit… and after two more work days it’s gonna be a four-day weekend in Baguio… Yehey!!!


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