Empty October

So many things planned this month failed to push through… of course, top of the list would be my vacation in Australia(Next year, I hope)… then several aborted FAA get together(really taxing to plan one as you get so many confirmations early on and a lot of cancellations after… Help!!! She and Jay Anne)… and then you have limited mall time for safety reasons (Makati is not the safest place, nowadays)… Well, that’s life!!! (sigh…) At least, I still have gym to look forward to….

Even if it seems I’d like to unload some stress… I guess, the cancellations might mean that I should spend more time digesting recent events in my so-called life… or is there something to digest??? hehe… Living by the day is more fun, anyway… Maybe I’m used to having a very outgoing and busy life that finding some slack seem foreign to me… hehe… => There’s always an upside to any situation…

Anyway, will be back to busy weekends… with Shooter’s Night at Cig’s on Friday (though still undecided whether I’ll be attending)… and Blue and MJ’s wedding on the 28th… and then it’ll be another long weekend with first four days of November in Baguio… Yehey!!!


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