A Bomb That Scared Us All

By now, the Glorietta blast is now history yet it’s more of a mystery as of now… but last Friday, it was a fresh news… as I’m just a few blocks away from Glorietta… and too think, we should have been in Glorietta for lunch had Jing not all of a sudden thought of going to mass… Divine intervention… I guess… Several ambulance has since passed our office that afternoon… so many dead and injured… not a nice day for our country…

I always had this school of thought since the 9/11 world trade bombing…that we are now living in an age of terrorism… Like it or not… we already have lost the comfort of going in and out of the mall without the comfort of being inspected… even travelling via public transport is not as safe as it used to be… checking in for flights takes so much protocols already… that’s how much they have affected our everyday lives… but safety should come first over convenience…

The next day, had my change oil and my regular maintenance check for my car… so had a few carless hours… Funny how hard it is to wait a few hours without the comfort of a mall… hehe… It could have been easy waiting a few hours in a mall… and to think there’s so much sale… Anyway, things should be normal in a few days… I hope… Finally, got my car back at 7 pm yesterday and had to drop by Rockwell shortly to buy some stuff… Maybe Rockwell won’t be much of a target since so few people come to this mall… hehe…

The rest of the time, I returned home and decided not to go out anymore… there’s always so much stuff to do at home… and on ending this blog… I hope incident like these won’t happen again… and I mourn not only for those who died and were hurt but more on that there are people evil enough to be come up with events like this… =<


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