Not Much to Blog About…

Friday morning towards a weekend… Again, I’ve got not much planned during the weekend… Lately, I’ve been more of a homebody… and I’m happy now that there are weekends that I can rest… the dizzying pace of all the travel, the getaways and the gimmicks the past few months has taken its toll on me… I still want a portion of the used-to-be usual slacker Franc weekends…

But wait… I forgot that I have to have my change oil for my car… It has turned a year old last October 13… and without the fun fare of taking up some of my blog space… So might as well have it checked, in case out of the blue, I decide to bring it to Baguio on All Soul’s Day weekend… but of course, there’ll be traffic to consider by then… Anyway, I’m officially naming my car, Franckxethee… (coined from the name of my Sim City before…)… a more stylish way to say Franc’s City… hehe… which coincides with the Car model Honda City… =>

My sister asked me if we can go to Snow World in Star City… might consider that though I’m not the high really with the maintenance of Star City… but maybe a little more convincing and I’ll agree… hehe… I will probably have dinner with SLU and SGV friend Warna since she’ll be in town for the weekend from Singapore… so might not be a lazy Saturday after all…

I’m definitely working out this Sunday either in Eastwood or in Makati… I might as well take advantage of the time while I still can do this… I’m afraid with added responsibilities (hope that vacancy be filled soon)… I might miss out some of the perks of my lifestyle… but then again. this is me and most of the time, I have a time for everything… It’s not that I have an easy or boring life that I have time… It’s just that I believe that if you want to do something you’ll always find time…

Funny how when I think there’s not much to blog about, the longer the blog goes… somehow, this blog has been an extension of my personality… and blogging provides real value for me as I can be passionate about writing yet have a chance to vent out some unwanted emotions and document some of my endeavors which I can relive at some time, when I need to remember how my life was… and not to mention a few lurkers and friends (if ever there’s any?? =>) updated with my (mis)adventures… so forgive me for blogging to much even if there’s not much to blog about… hehe…


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