Look Who’s Back!!!

Surprises… Surprises… While walking along Paseo De Roxas yesterday… I met Al (She’s a Girl) A.K.A. Kinney… My first SGV in charge (at least for a few weeks or so before I reported directly to the manager and eventually to the engagement partner)… We’ve been together through many accounts… from sleepless nights in Fil Estate… to all the travels in CIIF… and of course, all the food in Yazaki… What’s surprising is that after a few years and SGV, she went back to her hometown in Cebu… and a few years after, she’s back in Makati City…

Well, first impulse was to inform the other FAA babies… the next thing I knew, I’m meeting Al again for a short chat after office and set a dinner with the rest… Though it wasn’t a long chat, I am still am happy that Al is now in Makati… now I have my old coffee buddy back( ok back then, I’m not so high on coffee… hehe)… So continued informing the rest and the rest especially Al’s fellow group 4 cluster mates Gemma, Therry and Jo-C… Then Dinner was set for next Tuesday… so far several have already confirmed but we’ll see how it turns out next week…

So many surprises really lately… Anna working in Makati… Rommel coming back from New York… Al, now also in Makati… and Mike, who’ll be home soon… even Arlyn is already excited after she finish her secondment in New York since she’ll have plenty of lunch mates a few offices away… It’s nice having friends come back from time to time but knowing that a friend will be around for a while and just a few blocks away… it’s definitely a treat… =>

More surprises please… hehe…


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