A Change is Gonna Come…

It’s quite rare for me to be stuck at home on a weekends… and even more on a long weekend… So I feel odd that I am home blogging instead of being out somewhere… but I’d really want to spend some idle time as some events which has just unraveled needs more time to decipher… On the overall, it’s definitely a good development at work since so much would be affected positively… assuming all proposals would be granted… a change is really gonna come…
Spent most of my Thursday in training for IFRS conducted by SGV… quite a boring profession considering you get to have a hard time mastering the rules in under graduate… hurdling a difficult board exam… survive several tough years in audit… and once you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules… the rules have changed… but anyhow, I’m stuck here might as well master my craft… hehe… =>
The rest of the time was spent convincing a former colleague to come back to our company to fill a critical vacancy… I hope she considers or else, It’ll be a lot more work for me… It was a dinner at Kikufuji… with CFO, Country Manager and one of the former Accounting Managers… Things have changed for the better since she left… The usual annoyance is gone… and things are much lighter… and better… I just hope we fill the vacancy soon… I wouldn’t want to think about the consequence if we won’t considering that another colleague of mine is set to leave next month for Guam… so I have my fingers crossed…
Still surprised how light this weekend is… Of course, last week was hectic… Yesterday was a holiday but stayed a few hours at work to finish some stuff… and today… was expensive… lunch at Kamayan… got my new glasses, bowling shoes and 2PSP games….. hehe… the spending spree was not that incidental but partly influenced by a cancelled vacation… hehe… Now, back to home base… excited and scared at new developments upcoming… The good part is that I’m able to rest my eyes after the irritation with my old set of contact lens… that’s the reason for the new glasses… and not impulse… hehe… =>
Tomorrow, I still don’t know but I hope I won’t be a couch potato again… might go to Eastwood for Gym… assuming my freebie workout jacket is already available… I haven’t worked out for quite some time caused by a busy week and a sick Gym partner (Hope you’re well now, Jing)… hehe… but I’m betting that it’ll be another lazy day… hehe… =>

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2 Responses to A Change is Gonna Come…

  1. rondz says:

    thats really interesting.. hmm.. sana nag-aaudit prin ako ng medtecs. its juicy and u learn a lot. not with my clients. walang challenge. straight forward and walang spices to thrill me. huhuhu… :C wawa si jingy sicky bear!

  2. Franc says:

    Things have changed na talaga… Balik ka na lang sa Pinas if you like… hehe… Baka you want to fill the critical opening… but then again, I know you like your life there now… hehe…

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