Goodbye Vacation!!!

I’m officially canceling my planned vacation to Australia… reason: lack of time… too bad, I was even able to build up my asset base for my visa application… I should have pushed through with the trip last September but for one reason or another… it got moved and moved and finally, it’s gonna be year end soon… so much work and events already in store… somehow, it was not meant to be… at least this year…

Maybe, I’ll try to squeeze it in May next year after our AGM… or then again I just remembered summer in the Philippines is real fun… it’s not really going to waste though, at least I get to cash in on all my leave privileges come December… I was able to save a bit in building up my cash base for the vacation … and come to think of it, I’ve been out of the country already so much this year and with various getaways and gimmicks with AGSB and SGV Friends as of late… and more to come, I’m sure…

So hopefully, it’ll be two major vacation next year, the Australia vacation… and if pushes through the FAA babies reunion in US or UK… so there ‘s still a lot of upside on a canceled vacation… the downside is that how to tell my relatives and friends in Australia that I’m not going on vacation this year… they’ve been expecting me for some time now… I guess, it’s just a case of bad timing of events unfolding… =<

On a last note, I haven’t been on a jet setting mode lately… in fact, I’m planning on missing the auditors visit to our China subs… probably in my comfort zone here right now… hehe… but I’ll get that itch to travel soon… I’m sure because travel is one of my passions… but there’ll be time for everything… =>


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2 Responses to Goodbye Vacation!!!

  1. rondz says:

    u cud always come next time. anyway, im planning to extend my visa application here kaya between now and the next three years, if u plan to visit sydney ill show u around!

  2. Franc says:

    Definitely, I just need to find the right time… Malay mo mahila ko pa si Jingy Bear… hehe… I really need to visit Australia one of this days since dami ko din kasi relatives dyan eh…

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