A Long Day Ends @ Cig’s

Day started earlier than expected as I’ve forgot to update the time when I shifted the Sim card of my two phones… so had my alarm an hour earlier…
Client meeting at 9 am… that turned out well so I can now finalize their financials… Had to rush back to the office since I may be required to attend the management meeting with our CEO… but there was no urgency there so went to GB3 to meet up with Joshua (Former CFO) and Bobot (SGV) but since Bobot got sick so the carting event got cancelled… Some leeway for a long day… I just bought the chips Grace requested from healthy options… Then got back to the office wherein I got called in for a short meeting… so many developments… I’m still not sure if it’ll be a good thing or bad thing for me… hehe… = / Had late lunch at Velasquez Park with their Tiendesitas like setup during Saturdays…
Finally, went home at 4 pm to take a short rest… dozed off at around 5 pm and woke up at around 8 pm… It’ll be Bogz and Steve Bday Celebration shortly at Cig’s…
Left home around 915 pm… traffic at Cubao Area in Edsa… Arrived there before 10 pm… then time to party… Bogz, Grace, Blue, MJ, Cig, Jan, Owen, Anton, Steve and Lisa attended… Too bad the other wasn’t able to come for various commitments… Despite the short nap, I was still on low energy the whole night… Anyway, still tried to make the most out of it and enjoy the night… The festivities lasted until past 2 am… then was home at around 230 am… and the came the rest… ’til next time folks… =>

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