So Much for a Blogless Day

I was really planning to go blogless today since I thought I’ve already freed my mind of so many thoughts and events I need to sum up…

I lost momentum in my work today upon hearing that one of my friend was a victim again of the hacker using my account… My account was hacked last month… The hacker’s mode of operation is to pretend to be me and inform you that I’m in another country needing load and the unsuspecting friend would then send prepaid loads… I’m really protective when it comes to friends so just imaging how I felt that they’re being taken advantage by the hacker using my account… I’ll try contacting my cousin in DILG if there’s an agency who can track down this hacker… I’m sure it would be easy to track the hacker down since his ISP can determine his location… Friends, please ignore any message from… it has been hacked and I’ve lost control of this account…

Had lunch with our former Singaporean CFO Joshua … and quite interesting to catch up since he’s now based in Singapore… I just get to visit Singapore only once a year… I’ve gone a long way and have been here more than I expected… resumed work thereafter… Still not in the mood even if I need to report the financials come Monday… I’ll find a way… but in a short while, I’ll be off to Fitness First in Eastwood with Jing for a workout there and get some of my membership freebies…

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day… Meeting at 9 am with a client… possibly need to attend management meeting at 10 am… Lunch with Joshua and Bobot at 12 noon then carting in the afternoon and finally, Steve and Bogz party at Cig’s… got tired just noting the things I have to do tomorrow… to think it’s suppose to be a weekend… Haay….

Hopefully, Sunday might be lighter… I’m sure gonna need some rest before a busy week next week when we prepare some SGX related stuff at work… but then that’s just how the cookie crumble… at times, it’s light and at times, it’s heavy… you’ll just have to make the most out of it… =>


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