Working in a Workout

I’ve been put in a unique position yesterday while I was about to start my workout… I got a call from our CFO that I need to cross check the figures for the announcement… so what to do next??? Hmmm…. Ok, I still have one colleague left who can do it but still I need to be sure that it would turn out right… so between workouts, I was on the phone entertaining queries on the computations and asking for updates… One of the skills I’ve learned is the ability to work in different situations and still virtually manage things… but this is a different situation without a doubt… hehe…

Anyway, still got away with it this time… as we were able to give a go signal to the announcement even before I finished workout… so it probably took twice the effort working in a workout but at least, both goals were met… The perks and quirks of this job… at times you get to have a very easy day and suddenly it becomes so intense and urgent… and at times, on call… I guess, that makes it exciting as you foster an attitude on how to adopt to different problems at the oddest time… hehe…

Maybe I can work at home already once my dsl has been installed… hehe… but historically speaking, I’m not good working at home… and for one, I won’t like to live like a hermit… I still need people around me… hehe… and even still, they wouldn’t allow it… with the Company trying to setup a system on how to monitor department heads… and comes the question, how do you measure the performance for finance and accounting? My job evolves by the minute with the varying requirements from bankers, auditors, management and regulatory agencies… The only KPI I can commit probably is that I’ll go to work if I’m not on leave… hehe… => Anyway, even if I’m away they still manage to track me down and do their bidding… hehe…


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