Not Another Bad Day!!!

My day got off the wrong way again… and the reason is the mix up at Somerset parking… They implemented a new policy that you cannot park unless you’ve paid in advance… so I was prevented again from entering my parking slot… what is unnerving was that they gave the bill for October parking last Friday… how can you pay a bill billed to you in the same day in a corporate settings with so many approvers (I’m one of them) for each payment??? and no notice was given yesterday when I parked… and I even left my card to them that if ever there was any problem with payments, they can call me at my office land line… How reasonable can you get…

Of course, you can say policies are policies… but then again the amount involve was just P2,000 and for a 2 day delay which was partly their fault for billing us late… Even if you factor in the time value of money for 2 days at prime lending rates that won’t be enough to cover for the gas for 10-15 minutes while I was awaiting them to allow me entry and to take another turn back to the parking area after talking to the front desk… and even the time of all people involved were wasted (Me, the Guard, Front Desk, Ms. Del) and having one dissatisfied customer… I forgot to mention that we do have a credit line for hotel bookings… and they allow us to have credit for larger amount bookings and give so much damn about a P2,000 advance payment for a parking slot…

After all the fuss, I was able to enter my designated parking lot… and at the very least, I was able to give the front desk a piece of my mind… of course, in a highly civilized manner… hehe… The incident won’t ruin my day but I guess, it’ll reduce hotel bookings from Medtecs (with Ms. Del also having to start her day with this incident)… and while there are always rules or policies to follow (even blindly) but then again for a service intensive industry like hotels… a large part of the work is being able to respond positively to situations like this… and they may have erred on this… It was a simple decision to start with… how much damage can a 2 days delay of P2,000 be worth and with them being partly at fault?

Back to making my day happy…

Excess Blogs: I checked on the check in the office… it was already available for pick up since Friday… but they didn’t pick up the check… there wasn’t suppose to be a delay to start with if they just managed to pick up their check…


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