A New Month…

It’s October… so for people saying wake me up when September ends… time to wake up!!! Hehe…

Anyway, before going forward, let me move back a bit… Had an unusual weekend… First, had my PSP to waste my time with… then in the afternoon I dropped by PICC to visit AGSB friend Grace in their Skinline booth… it became more than a visit since I ended up having a Bentusa massage… for Bentusa they use a candle in a glass to absorb toxins from your body… and it usually leaves a mark at your back… but the odd thing was that it was gone in a while for me and it would take hours or days for others… hmmm…. must have regenerative powers… hehe… At least, I was relieved of toxins and at the same time had a nice soothing back massage for the day…

The next day was a bit unusual… with me needing to go to Eastwood to catch the end of the Fitness First membership promo… and I’ll be paying less for membership soon… Had my directions wrong and then there’s a hard time looking for a place to park so ended up having several rounds at C5 and that is big round since the U turn slots in Libis Area is in Tiendesitas Area… Anyway, had to rush back to catch the Ateneo – La Salle Game on TV… Go Blue Eagles… and as it is common knowledge right now… Ateneo lost to La Salle 60-65… but still it was a hell of a game… and this season was quite a treat for UAAP fans with 5 Ateneo-La Salle face offs… and each game was a thrill to watch… Ateneo won 3 of the 5 games but La Salle won the bigger games, the one earning a twice to beat advantage and the one clinching the finals birth… It’s gonna be a Pumaren vs. Pumaren affair… As the Ateneo hymn goes…”Win or Lose its the school we choose…” It was still a gallant stand…

Ok then comes October… there’ll be Steve and Bogz birthday at Cig’s… It’ll be Anna’s birthday soon… there’ll be an IFRS training hopefully in Tagaytay… I’ve got a new gym buddy with Jing joining fitness first and hopefully, I get to squeeze in my vacation this month… and it’ll definitely be a great month… but a month always start with a day so have to get back with my tasks for the day… hehe…


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