Mel’s First Day

There was this pic when we met on the eve of Rommel’s secondment to New York which Arlyn labeled “Mel’s Last Day.” It’s a bit scary and funny at the same time that it seemed as if it would be Rommel’s last day in the world… so move forward a few years now… Rommel has decided to come back for good after working another year in New York… so this blog shall be titled, “Mel’s First Day.”

Of course, when it comes to get together among FAA Group Members, it always starts a few days ahead with me setting time, place and the invites… I miss Jay Anne and She cause they’re such a big help on events like this… Quite a handful confirmed this time… Anna, Sharon, Cathy, Joth, Me and Mel… Ruth is still on her mountain climbing adventures… Macoy is on his usual gimmicks…

Call time was 630 pm… for Cathy that is… I came at 7 pm with Joth… then Mel… then Anna… and lastly Sharon… Venue was Crocodile Grill in GB3… Anyway, despite the time gaps still a lot of catching up to do… so came the long chit chats… and the jokes and the laughter… just like old times… Of course, minus all the overtime… overnights… and the never ending SGV workload…
Food was tipped more on fatty foods… but was still great… Crocodile Grill was a bit full but at least, Cathy’s early arrival allowed us to have a nice seat… That’s what happens on Gimmick Day Friday… so time came so fast…
At about 945 pm…. we called it a night… and it’ll be another weekend to enjoy… and recharge… but for sure there be more of this and more of the adventures to go… Anna would be celebrating her next birthday within the next few weeks… Mike will be coming back in a few months… and FAA’s resort will be completed soon… and of course, there can also come surprises from time to time… so it’s wait and see from this point… but for now… it’s more of wait and sleep… hehe…

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