Midnight Thoughts

It’s almost 2 am now and somehow, I can’t will myself to sleep… Suddenly, I’m in a thinking frenzy… and to think the whole day I was low on inkblogs…

Not much to talk about really… and it’s been a pretty nice week… funny how a fine weekend rest changes your outlook and moods… and for the past few days it’s been a homey version of Franc… despite being in gimmick mode as of late… there’s always a part of me that will always be a home body…

Watched the season premier of Heroes and the anticipation of he waiting for start of the new season has now been changed to anticipation on how to piece what happened four months ago in Heroes as the show started four months after the exploding man episodes… It’s great that Heroes is back in a new season… Smallville and Grey’s Anatomy will be premiering soon…

Created the FAA/MCM/CPA group in friendster for former FAA babies around the world… It was a suggestion from She and Jay Anne… Quite surprising for Jay Anne to bug me when she’s not complaining about something with her work… I’m kind of her stress ball when it comes to work… Anyway, another idea that came from them a reunion… and not a simple reunion… the venue is in the US (parang ayaw ako pasamahin… hehe)… ok time for me to save… though still reminded them to come home and let’s invade FAA’s resort…

And speaking of FAA Group, we’ll be meeting Rommel this Friday for his welcome home treat as he now decided to come back here from New York… Anna, Sharon and Joth are confirmed and still in the Grey Area are Cathy and Macoy… and Ruth, as usual is climbing mountains again…

So many cluttered thoughts really… suddenly miss my AGSB friends… Hopefully, they’ll think of something exciting to do this weekend… if not, there’s still movie time with Grace early next week… By the way, Happy Birthday Bogz and Congrats and Happy Birthday to Steve!!!

On a serious note, it’s quite a pity that the only thing certain in the Philippines is uncertainty… with all the tumult over the NBN Broadband deal… just can’t imagine the head of a supposedly neutral body allegedly benefiting from a government contract… so this goes past all the “hello” controversy before… so much for credible elections… I just hope this doesn’t rock the economy much… it’s been a vicious cycle that after gaining headway, the country goes on destabilization mode… probably a better way to raise fiscal revenues is to reduce leakages on transactions like this… Of course, it’s always easy being a critic… but then again, it’s also important to be vigilant…

I hope that I’ve been able to blog myself to sleep as you all know… lack of sleep is not good way to start a day… hope that I’ve unloaded some cluttered midnight thoughts and will myself to sleep… and that tomorrow (I mean later) may still be a nice day =>


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