A Child’s Eye

Franc with proud parents Mon and Joanne and Baby Jarren

Nothing warms the heart more than a smile from such a little angel… In a child’s eye everything so simple and in a way, seeing things at their perspective would make so many things light and easy…

So now, it’s first time I saw Edmond and Joanne’s Baby Jarren Elysander at Jarren’s Baptism… such a nice ang healthy four month old baby boy… The parish was St. Paul the Apostle in Timog, QC… and the baptism was set at 1130 am… The priest was so cordial that somehow it didn’t look like a traditional baptism… Anyway, the important thing is that Jarren is now part of the Christian world…

Reception was at Bethany Place, near Quezon Ave, QC… Food was great… too great to make me forget that I shouldn’t eat much… a bit sleepy after eating due to the damp weather… but still fun to meet former SGVeans and bowling buddies, Mon, Joanne, Leo, Sharon, Flor, Neville and Joie (represented by her Mom)… Christian missed the affair since his flight was scheduled at 2 pm today…

After all the eating, chit chats and the pictorial… it was then time to call off the affair… but at the very least… Got to meet old friends… and I’m now officially one of Jarren’s Ninong… and makes me look forward to future AGMs in Singapore since I can visit Jarren during this times… and for the mean time, it’s back to home for me and I’ll be taking a weekend break this time… so now starts my weekend off time… or at least I am hope so…


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