What’s Bothering Me Lately?

I don’t know what’s bothering me as of late… it’s been chore waking up… in fact I woke up 7 am this morning with my 730 am office hour… not much of a big deal but I just feel it’s odd since I haven’t really been late for work much since my annoying former boss left the company… Is there something I’m not happy about??? I don’t know… all I know or at least publicly admit is that things are fine…

Am I running on a low tank??? I don’t know… I probably need a long vacation more than I admit I do… It’s been an annual tradition of me having a week off but due to certain delays in my visa applications… I still haven’t left going to the peak of my workload…

It’s just that I’ve been too much of a selfless nice guy that somehow I need time on my own… to reassess things… on what I want… on what moves to make… Life has been more of a party after grad school… and I’m still gasping straws on what more to aspire for… I’ve done too much too soon already… Life has been too fast that I need to hit the break hard and decide which direction to go… am I on a crossroad but then again… it’s probably just Friday and my mind would rather race off on some random thoughts rather than work… =>


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