Random Thoughts

It’s gonna be back to back birthday for She (Sept. 22) and Arlyn (Sept. 23) this weekend… I purposely excluded the year for fear of my own safety… hehe… Anyway, I can’t be in your parties physically, so let me greet you two virtually… anlayo kaya ng Cayman and New York…

Happy Birthday She!!! You’re such a great pal!!!

Happy Birthday Arlyn!!! More success for my most successful partner in crime way back in SGV!!!

– o – o – o –

It’s gonna be Jarren Elysander (AKA Mon and Joanne’s baby boy) Christening tomorrow… it’ll be great seeing Singapore based friends again… Mon, Joan, Christian… and the rest of my SGV bowling buddies here… Welcome to the world Jarren!!! See you tomorrow… I’m gonna be a ninong again… My second inaanak this year…

– o – o – o –

In a few days, I can now have my own PSP, personally hand carried by SGV friend Rommel from the US… too bad, he’s trip back home came a few days short of the availability of apple ITouch… but I’ll have my ITouch soon… Now, I’ll have a new gadget to waste my time… that is if I can find time… hehe…

– o – o – o –
Though I’ve been in deep thought lately… and the deeper I think the more I realize that there are so many things going well in my life… probably woke up in the wrong side of the bed today but I forgot that it’s not the side of the bed I wake up in but rather how I choose to live my day… Happiness is always a choice…

– o – o – o –
I decided to add a chapter before I doze off to sleep… today ended differently with the way it started… after an afternoon escape from the office with Jing (my second afternoon escape in two days… yesterday with AGSB friend Grace at TOSH)… things seem lighter… bought Jarren’s gift for his Christening at Landmark… and of course, some good news as I got back my Guyito stuff toy … Next week, class picture for Guyito, Sanfo and Blue Bear… hehe…

As I was on my way to sleep… my sister reminded me that oil prices will be up at midnight so I rushed in to the nearest gas station to have my tank full…and now I’m back home…and it’ll be sleep soon as I still have to attend Jarren’s baptism tomorrow…

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