Is This a Sign???

Medtecs Team arrived at Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant at around 1120am for a planning meeting that would start at 1130 am… and such a big surprise that no auditors were in sight… they arrived before noon… I hope that this would not be a sign of things to come as I’m more of an early bird when it comes to work… After everyone has arrived, the planning meeting started… and it went on smoothly and was quick and painless… Funny how much difference it makes when you take out one annoying person out of the equation… =>

We then proceeded to Mall of Asia for a few rounds of bowling… and nothing beats heartbeat stopping moments in bowling in fact the first game was won by our team by just a hairline… Thanks to Peps for missing his last two pins… => and second was redemption for the other team but was close until the last frame until H hit two straight strikes on his 10th frame… Well, you can’t win them all… Dinner was next at La Mesa Grill… and speaking of grill, the new staff from SGV was definitely grilled… that’s what happen when you get the worst seat in the dinner table =>

Last was our trek back home… Had a nice long journey to bring Jing home to Fairview (Memory note… accomplished one challenging task… hehe…) and after a while in Jing’s house… We’re on our way back… dropped Joth in Boni and I’m now off to my Makati pad… reached home before midnight… Isn’t it obvious how my journal blogs usually end? If you haven’t guess it right… it’s sleep… hehehe… but one last sigh… I really hope the late start of the planning isn’t a sign of things to come… Nope… I know they’ll be able to meet their deadlines… I’ve been involved with SGV for too long to know that no matter how difficult, deadlines are beatable… =>


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