FAA’s Get Together at Pizza Hut Bistro

This was a long overdue dinner with FAA as we were not able to celebrate his birthday this year due to conflicts in schedule… attendance was low with me, FAA, Sharon and Jo-C but at least, it’s the quality of conversation that counts… so much to talk about…
Was really excited with this meeting to get some info on FAA’s new resort… well, it’s still under construction and can’t wait to visit his resort… hopefully, we can go visit his resort in Taal, Batangas by December…
Sharon was fresh from a few months stay in New Zealand for her business trip… Jo-C was somehow a new addition since we (Sharon and Me) regularly have this dinner with FAA… Ruth, Cathy, Macoy and Anna had to beg off due to various commitments… Anyway, all is well and the dinner was fine… probably to fine for me and Sharon as we had so much to eat… hehe… Be in the Gym soon… hehe…
A real nice dinner with FAA this time… it’s probably nice that we’re all coming of better times… and really looking forward to seeing FAA’s little bridge in Batangas… Anyway, there should be more dinner like this soon… but still need to lose the calories I gobbled up this night…. hehe…

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