Mascy’s Shooters Night

This was a much awaited event for the AGSB Gang… Mascy’s grand birthday party… A shoot all you can party exclusively for AGSB Gang and Mascy’s closest friends…


Party started at 830 pm… we (Grace and I) arrived before 10 pm after being stuck in traffic in the Valenzuela/Balintawak Area… Still among the early birds though… So many AGSB friends in here (Mascy, Bogs, Blue, Jan, Cig, Owen, Rocky, Nice, Gryf, Zed and whole lot more)… Too bad some were not around due to some fortuitous events…


Despite the long day, it was still a great night… and of course, the traffic light shot got the most attention… cool, one shot with red, yellow (orange) and blue (green)… of course, there’s also a variety of other shots for the night… again, lost count on the number of shots I had…


There was also a game wherein, Mike, Bong and Mark had to gobble up a series of shots and whoever finishes everything first win… People had fun, Nice even got a chance to bartend and mix some shots…


Party moved onward and lasted at around 3 am and it was my drive back to Makati afterwards… and it’s time for a long rest after a long day and a long night… and look forward to the next stop… Lighthouse Subic c/o Zed… but then again knowing how much outgoing AGSB people are, there may be lot more in store before that…



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