Talk About Bad Service

Had Lunch with Jing at Kitaro in Valero today… and the service was so bad that I didn’t even notice if the food taste fine or not…

It was suppose to be early lunch at 1145.. but as things are, it took until about 1230 (or probably even later) to meet our orders… We entered with just few patrons in the place… and it turned out that the other people who came later even got their orders earlier… and every time, we followed up our orders, the waiters would just go back to the counter and somehow, do something different again… It wouldn’t help to say that they’d check on it… and really just do it… after all, we should have been served ages ago…

After a long wait, I already got my order and Jing still wasn’t served her meal… and still the long follow ups with no result… it was only when Jing personally went to the counter that they’d serve her order… Apparently, our order got mixed up but still through out the frequent follow ups they should have done something already…

Anyway, after finishing our meals… I was suppose to have my bottomless ice tea refilled but the service was not even slow but definitely non-existence so never mind the refill and just had to bill out… and settle the bill and somehow, promised ourselves that this would be the last time we’d eat here… =<


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