Protection Bubble

I tend to create this so called “protection bubble” for people I’m close to… Somehow, I get the ability of an empath and share in their troubles and emotions… It just so happen that I was raised with such a positive disposition that I’d like it to radiate within me… within the next block and a long way after… but of course, reality of it is that you can’t protect everybody and that you can’t always be around… people are meant to feel pain, pressure, stress and problems for a reason… to build character!!!

No matter the desire to alleviate people’s dispositions… I guess I can only be of help to certain extent that I can… and to a certain extent that people allow themselves to be helped… One thing I’ve learned is that everybody takes pride in a little bit of independence… Our character is not created by how much we depend on others but on the other things we are able to surpass on our own… and I guess as years passed, I’ve come to realized this…

Quite profound but somehow, I’d probably develop a deep sense of responsibility for others rather than myself… and it’s not a coincidence that I’d picture my self as Super Franc… and really I don’t regret sharing a thought or two but then again, being too helpful is not always good… but still I won’t burst my protection bubble cause we all have a set of people we place in this bubble… people called family and friends…


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2 Responses to Protection Bubble

  1. Rose says:

    It really is possible to help people enormously being an empath. That ability you somehow got, I believe that empaths are born, not made. In America, that’s about 1 in 20 people. In Japan (where I teach empathic skills sometimes) it is more like 1 in 5.What really matters to help people is that you learn enough about empathic skills to stop picking up other people’s pain when you create that “bubble” you wrote about.From your post, it sounds as though you are well on your way.I invite you, and your fans and lurkers, to check out my new blog for interactive conversation about empathic merges and other aspects of deeper perception. It is at, congratulations on being one of the happiest empaths I have met online! We empaths have a real destiny to serve humanity, right? Rose Rosetree

  2. Franc says:

    Yes, I guess so…

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