Seems Like A Bad Day!!!

My day started the wrong way… as there was a miscommunication between my company and the management of the Somerset building with regards to the payment of my parking slot… Apparently, there was a delay in the payment of the carpark rental…

Upon entering the carpark, the guard refused to let me in because of the payment log… On my part, I felt that it shouldn’t be a problem since it should be Company business (though it should be my business since it’s my department who should handle this… hehe)… then I just told them that I would settle it with my Company to pay… and to add salt to wound, I was warned that they won’t allow me to park, if the bill remain unpaid… I really didn’t like the threatening tone… but still I just let it go… though it completely ruined my day… after all, he was just doing his job… in such a discourteous manner as I may say…

Fast forward, a few hours… I was now able to produce the check for payment… I really want to hand deliver the check and shove it to the guard who ruined my day… but I don’t have that mean streak in me to do such a thing… so I guess, I’ll just have to shrug it off… and sometimes what seems like a bad day, may turn out to be a wonderful one… at least, I was able to blog that rage out of my system.


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