Awaiting Mascy’s Bday @ Cig’s

It has been a light Sunday yesterday… then received an SMS from Jan on waiting for Mascy’s birthday at Cig’s… so after being able to successfully detach myself from my bed… I was on my way to Cig’s in Kamuning… on the way to QC, the rain started falling hard (it’s been a trend lately, whenever I’m in EDSA, there’s a heavy downpour)… Anyway, was able to arrive at Cig’s at past 9 pm… and there they (Mascy (Birthday Girl), Jan, Cig, Blue, Anton and Gryf) were awaiting for Mascy’s Birthday which would be in three hours… Owen, Bogs and Paulo came a bit later…

A good thing that Blue brought some printouts of the grad party pics… and of course, a lot of catching up for some since it’s been a while seeing the rest, though most are always around, as they say… After a while, it’s now 12 midnight… officially Mascy’s Bday… so had our respective turn greeting her… and we’ll still have our chance to party again on Saturday for Mascy’s official celebration…

Around 1230 midnight, it was time to call it a night… and as I drove home… I knew that sleep won’t be much for tonight for I’d be coding on Monday… so better make the best of what sleep I have left… hehe…

Happy Birthday Mascy!!!


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